When I was 17 (it was a very good year…)

Mark Steyn is celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday in his Song of the Week column.  He starts out by saying “It’s often said that the pop songs you like when you’re 17 years old are the pop songs that stay with you your entire life.”  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that said, but I thought I would take a look at it.  I was 17 in 1982-1983, so what were the big songs then and do they still resonate?

When I think of that era, end of high school, beginning of college, I associate it with New Wave music.  And I still have a soft spot for it and had a button for the New Wave Channel on Sirius/XM.  The top songs of 1982 have some good ones – Human League – Don’t You Want Me at number 6, Soft Cell – Tainted Love Number 11, Men at Work and Flock of Seagulls also had hits.  And its not just New Wave –  Jenny (867-5309) hit in 1982 as well.   That song has certainly stayed with me my entire life!  In fact, I’m sure know 99% of the list.  And you had Billy Idol put out White Wedding and a solo version and video of his last song with Generation X – Dancing With Myself.

But I think 1983 is even better!  She Blinded Me with Science! by Thomas Dolby.  And one of my favorite videos of the era:

And 1983 was another good year for Billy Idol, with Rebel Yell and my favorite video from that album:

That is some awesome ’80s hair.

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