The Return of the Slacker

After a long hiatus I am returning to my blog!

It is probably a good thing that I missed most of the U.S. Presidential election season, but I will note that others did finally pick up on the fact that the Democrats have a  serious succession issues, and, given their losses in the legislatures and state houses, it is not clear where the replacements for the Boomer politicians will come from.  While the Republicans have a substantial crop of Gen X office-holders, I think the Democrats will need to jump from the Boomers (and older, Bernie Sanders!) in 2020, right to fielding a Millennial candidate for President in 2024.  The oldest Millennials will be 41 by then, and the youngest Boomers 60, so the power struggle will be interesting between our two largest demographics.

Gen Xers continue to enter their fifth decade, of course, and 2017 finds quite a crop of celebrity Gen-Xers turning 50.  These include the founder of the greatest Gen-X movie franchise, Vin Diesel, who turns 50 in July.  Also turning 50 in 2017 include Will Ferrell, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Jason Statham, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson and Vanilla Ice.  Kurt Cobain and Anna Nicole Smith would have also turned 50 this year. So 1967 was quite a year in notable Gen X births.


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