The Fast and the Furious or Iron Man – Greatest Generation X movie cast?

So the other day I wrote that The Fast and the Furious franchise, opening its 7th film and 15 years strong, might be the most successful movie franchise with an all Generation X starring cast.  This review from Kurt Loder notes that The Fast and the Furious 7 release will likely push the worldwide box office of the Fast movies to the $3 billion mark.  But I have been thinking about what other movie franchises might also qualify as “Generation X” franchises.

The one that comes to mind immediately is the Iron Man franchise, starring the Generation X cast of Robert Downey, Jr. (tomorrow’s GenX 50th birthday boy), Jon Favreau, and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Only three movies, but essentially the same worldwide box office take as the first 6 Fast films at $2.38 billion.  Not as many movies or a large a Generation X cast, but as much money.  Not counting other Avenger films.

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