Generation Politics: Where are the Generation X Democrats?

Scott Timberg had a March 7 2016 article on Salon, noting that “The GOP has Presidential contenders from Generation X, while the Democrats have two Boomers fighting it out – why?”  As my post from last April noted the fairly large number of Republican Generation X candidates, and the fact that even before the field was whittled down to Sanders and Clinton, the Democrats were all from older generations.

I am still of the opinion that Generation X is destined to be shut out of the Presidency, as was the Silent Generation. Just the electoral demographics of being sandwiched between two larger generations kills us. I see this cycle as the last gasp of the Baby Boomers, and the successor to whoever wins in 2016 to be pulled from the ranks of the Millennials, now officially the largest generation in the US.

As to Timberg’s question of where are the Gen X Democrats? — I think they are there as he notes, but that being at least in large part influenced by the Reagan years, there are still more Republican Gen Xers than Democrats – at least among the older fraction (according to Pew).  And I think this is reflected in the Generation X politicians that we see on the national stage — more Republicans than Democrats.

Watch for a rising Democrat Millennial to give a key speech at the convention this summer.  That will be your 2020 or 2024 front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination.

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