Generation X Turns 50 – February 2016 Edition

Generation X continues to turn 50, and today I want to highlight those of us born in February 1966.  Leading off February, fashion designer John Varvatos turned 50 on February 1st.  Then on the 6th, singer and internet meme legend Rick Astley turned fifty. Those of us who have been on the internet forever owe him a special debt.

Actor Neal McDonough, who I keep seeing more of all the time, Turns 50 on February 13th. And then Justine Bateman on February 19th.  I think Family Ties was one of the shows that captures the Generation X formative years.

On the 20th, supermodel Cindy Crawford hits the big Five – Oh. She certainly has to be among the most successful and famous members of Generation X by any measure.

From Cindy Crawford on Google+
Cindy Crawford

February 24th brings 50th birthday wishes to Billy Zane, and the 25th to Téa Leoni.  On the 27th, Donal Logue turns 50 and Ickey Woods shuffles into a second half-century on the 28th.  Disappointingly, I did not find any leap-year Gen-Xers turning 50 on the 29th.

Finally, just in case you didn’t click at the top, Mr. Rick Astley:

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