Generation X in the Winner’s Circle – Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

In the Iowa Caucuses last night, Generation X Presidential candidates made a great showing with Ted Cruz taking the top spot and Marco Rubio coming in a strong third. I have written previously about the possibilities (or lack thereof) of Generation X ever having a representative in the White House.  At that time, the Generation X candidates didn’t look that strong, with the tail end boomers (Bush, Rand Paul, etc.) still looking stronger than the Gen Xers in the field.  The last six months have changed things (and not just with the strength of Donald Trump).

From the Washington Times
The betting man’s favorite.

By October, the various betting markets had Marco Rubio as the favorite to win the Republican nomination. As of this morning, he still had the best odds across a variety of betting platforms.  With Ted Cruz in third place.  So, it seems increasingly likely that we will have a Generation X candidate on the Republican side.  The Democrats are on the other side of the age divide, with either an old Boomer (Hillary) or a Silent Generation Candidate! (Sanders was born in 1941.)  And I thought John McCain was the Silent’s last possible candidate for the Presidency.

Given the small size of Generation X with respect to Boomers and Millennials, the question will be, can the Generation X candidates on the Republican side appeal to them?

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