Generation X Ascendant

Today I discovered a Washington Post article which argues that Generation X, now firmly in their forties, are wielding the levers of power in politics, technology, and business.   I think this is true in part, but the problem that we, as a generation have, is that the Boomers are still hanging on to many of the top jobs, and as a small generation, we will may be squeezed out early by the Millennials coming in behind us.  Lavanya Ramanathan‘s article in the post argues that the Generation X tends toward the libertarian and conservative.  I have mad a similar point wondering “where are the Gen X Democrats“.  A semi-rebuttal in The Washingtonian argues that Generation X isn’t that conservative, that there are some Democrats.  But I thin the point here is about the shift in which President various parts of Generation X identify with – with the older Reagan-inspired Generation Xers being more libertarian/republican, and the Clinton -ear younger Xers being a bit more Democrat leaning.  However, as I have noted, I really don’t see a lot of up and coming Democrats that are 35 – 51 at this point.  Look at the Democrat response to Trump’s address to Congress the other night!

At best, I think this is the Gen X moment to at least seize the middle management! And then after the Boomers, the deluge of Millennials.

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