Gen X Politicians – Half of Announced 2016 Presidential Field

As of April 13, two of the four announced Presidential candidates are Gen Xers.  Although I have already expressed my opinion that no Gen Xer will ever be President, at this early stage we have two Xers in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and two Boomers in Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul.

The New York Times has an article on “Who is Running for President” that looks at probable (and improbable) candidates for 2016.  On the Democrat side, the running and probable candidates are all Baby Boomers, the youngest of whom is Martin O’Malley (b. 1963).  In the “Probably Not” category the Democrats have Joe Biden, who, at 72, might be the Silent Generation’s last hope at putting a representative in the Oval Office.

On the Republican side, the field is a bit more diverse (age-wise) with twelve running or probable candidates.  The oldest (probable) candidate is Rick Perry at 65, and the youngest candidates are the 43 year-olds – Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio.  Among the NYT Republican list then, there are 4 Xers and 8 Boomers.

As I noted before, I don’t see any of the Xers as having a real shot. The folks at Five Thirty Eight beg to differ, calling Rubio the GOP’s first real contender and electable and conservative in optimal proportions. But Time will tell!  I did find it interesting that Rubio did explicitly call out this election as being a generational choice.

Joe Skipper/Reuters
Joe Skipper/Reuters

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  1. Concensus on the dividing lines between generations can be tricky. I would agrue, we already have a GenX President in Barack Obama. He not only fits the GenX typology, (racial, bieth origin, parental background and family structure, upbringing, education, etc.) other generational demographers agree, including Stauss and Howe as outlined in their work, The Fourth Turning. In fact, we should be discussing if the electorate will choose to “look back” to the previous generation in the White House, the Boomers, for their next Commander in Chief, something that hasn’t happened in almost 160 years. Given those odds, my guess we’re going to have another GenXer in the White House in 2017. President Rubio or O’Malley anyone?

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