GenX 50th Birthday of the Day – Kristin Davis

My favorite of the four “Sex and the City” actresses,  Kristin Davis turns 50 today.  Sarah Jessica Parker will be right behind her in March this year. Cynthia Nixon is also a GenXer (1966), though Kim Cattrall is a Boomer.  I associate “Sex and the City” with GenX sensibilities – in the words of A.O. Scott in the NY Times –  reflecting the “overeducated, insecure demographic cohort, who came of age in the late ’80s and early ’90s”.  Scott said this in a book review, but I think it captures the essence of “Sex and the City” and especially Charlotte’s character for me.

I did not know the Davis appeared in Melrose Place – but then, I didn’t watch the show.  Finally, a little NSFW clip of Kristin from “Sex and the City”


Gen X 50th Birthday of the Day – Belated

OK, I am a day late with this, but turning 50 on February 18, Dr. Dre!  I first encountered him with NWA in Straight Outta Compton – still my favorite rap album, though I think Ice Cube is the real genius there.  But Dr. Dre has had a lot of post NWA success producing and with his Beats headphones and speakers. And what to make of the fact that a gangsta turning 50 is celebrated in Parade magazine?

GenX Birthday of the Day – Chris Rock!

Born on February 7, 1965 and celebrting his 50th birthday today, Chris Rock!  For most of us, he became known in 1990 when he joined the new cast of Saturday Night Live (with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, David Spade, and Rob Schneider – hey, isn’t that the cast of Grown Ups?).  Of course, you may have remembered him from his 1987 role as the Playboy Mansion valet in Beverly Hills Cop II.  Wikipedia tells me that he left the SNL cast in 1993 – but I think he has done all right for himself.  I see that he came back to host SNL in 1996, but then didn’t return until this past year, when in November 2014 he guest hosted with musical guest Prince.  Here is his controversial monologue:

The Shark Tank sketch was good too:

Baby Boomer Politicians and Drug War Hypocrisy – Now joined by GenX!

One of my intergenerational conflict points with the Baby Boomers has been the rampant hypocrisy over the war on drugs.  The Boomers celebrated drug use through the ’60s and ’70s, and then seemed to sign on en masse in the ’80s as drug warriors.  Of course, they all had to admit that they themselves used drugs (even if Boomer-in-Chief Bill Clinton didn’t inhale), but now they realized it was bad and anyone using them now should be thrown in jail, there should be widespread drug testing, etc….      I had always thought, or perhaps hoped, that GenXers took a more libertarian view toward drugs, particularly marijuana.

Today, I read an interesting article from Charles Cooke, calling out the admissions of Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz that they had smoked pot as misguided youths, yet both continue to support the drug war.  I would expect this from Bush, as a Boomer that would be par for the course.  But Cruz is firmly in Gen X, born in 1970.  I didn’t think of him in my post about potential Gen X Presidents.  But, he does have aspirations, even though I don’t see him having broad enough appeal to ever win the office.  So, it is disappointing to see him lining up with the Boomers on this issue.